A non-profit, FOR-PURPOSE organization aimed at improving the lives of youth in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. Our vision is for a future filled with endless possibilities, opportunities, and dreams for our youth.

Check out this interview with 1067's Teddy Bacote, as he got the chance to sit down with 103 Jamz and radio host Ambie Renee to discuss the foundation, its core values & programs, and some upcoming events we have in store for the youth.


The 1067 foundation, Inc.

aims to improve the lives of youth in the Hampton Roads area all while creating a culture of collaboration and networking amongst our school’s notable alumni. The numbers ‘1067’ not only represent the street number of Bethel High School, but also stand as a symbol of excellence and hope for our youth given the talent that comes out of the school year after year. The alumni base from Bethel HS is extremely gifted and diverse, so one major goal of the foundation is to bring our networks together to impact the lives of children coming behind us.