The 1067 Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit, FOR-PURPOSE organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of youth in the Hampton Roads Area through the implementation of community outreach events, mentorship programs, and various educational series. The namesake of The 1067 Foundation was derived from the street address of Bethel High School, but is so much more than just a street address. Bethel High School’s street address has transformed into a brand in itself. ‘1067’ has grown to symbolize excellence and hope because countless Bethel High School Alumni have made major accomplishments in a wide variety of professions since graduating high school. From Olympians and World Class Athletes to leaders in Finance and Tech, The 1067 Foundation will utilize Bethel High School’s notable Alumni network and other community resources to establish an impactful, long-lasting organization for generations to come. The 1067 Foundation’s vision is to create a collaborative culture with a foundation built on networking to assist youth in the areas of personal development, financial literacy, college and career readiness, acquiring internships, and establishing and maintaining strong mentee-mentor relationships within our network. The 1067 Foundation was created because we see great potential in the youth of Hampton Roads, and we are 100% committed to affording them the necessary opportunities for them to be able to succeed in any field of human endeavor.    


The 1067 Foundation’s vision is to provide “A future filled with endless possibilities, opportunities, and dreams for our youth.”

We have devised plans for two long-term projects in which the youth will benefit as well. These projects include:

  • Hampton/Newport News Public City Schools Technology Center
  • State-of-the-Art Training Facility and Fitness Center

'where potential meets opportunity'

core values..

· Always remain youth-centered, our main focus is the needs of the youth

· Be passionate and stay determined to meet the needs of the youth

· Establish a collaborative culture built on the foundation of networking

· Always maintain integrity, hold each other accountable, and be transparent

· Remember to BE GREAT!

'an eagerness to help, the ability to deliver.'

The 1067 Foundation, Inc. has meticulously designed five programs that we believe will be extremely beneficial to youth in the Hampton Roads Area:

  • Build-a-Business: The Entrepreneurial Scholarship Program
  • The B.E.S.T. Series – Business and Education Succeeding Together
  • Adopt-a-Mentee Networking Program
  • College Tour Program
  • Year-Round Athletic Shoe Drive