The 1067 Foundation’s Build-a-Business Entrepreneurial Scholarship Program was established to provide students with the opportunity to learn the skills that are necessary to owning your own business, while also having the opportunity to earn scholarship money. The 1067 Foundation will look to educate program participants on various aspects of business and entrepreneurial topics, and then have the participants put those same skills into action for their own business idea. As a culminating activity for the Build-a-Business Program, there will be a competition where the participants’ business plans will be evaluated and participants with the top ten business plans will receive a scholarship. There will be first, second, third place winners, and seven additional awards will be given out.


The participants’ business plans will be evaluated and critiqued based on a number of different criteria and our Board of Directors will do the voting. Scholarship money will awarded to students that complete the program requirements, graduate from high school, and have been accepted into a four year accredited college or university. The purpose of the Build-a-Business Entrepreneurial Scholarship Program is to inspire our youth to be creative, and encourage them to possibly want to become business owners one day.


Startups are a vital part of a healthy economy, due to their ability to create new jobs, consume goods, and generate increased revenue. We all know young people who stand out as particularly creative, savvy, are driven and who are always coming up with new ideas and new ways of doing things. We need to encourage them and mold that ‘go-getter’ mentality in our youth. This scholarship program is a forward step in helping new innovators afford the rising cost of education, as well as assist them along the road to entrepreneurship.

our commitment..

The 1067 Foundation is committed to providing ten (10) graduating seniors with scholarships worth the following:

  • First place: $3,000
  • Second place: $2,000
  • Third place: $1,500
  • Seven (7) remaining awards: $1,000

the focus of the B.A.B Entreperneurial Scholarship Program

  • Provide college/university opportunity
  • Promote the need for further education
  • Entrepreneurial skills and seeing entrepreneurship as a viable career option
  • Business planning and development
  • Generate/cultivate new business ideas
  • Financial literacy and acumen
  • Practicing Public Speaking