The 1067 Foundation established the College Tour Program to expose high school students in Hampton Roads that may be interested in furthering their education at a four-year college or university to the various aspects of college. For many students, deciding which college or university best fits their needs or long-term career goals can be an overwhelming and confusing task, and The 1067 Foundation is committed to helping this process become less confusing for students with the College Tour Program. There are a number of factors that students must consider when deciding where to attend college; cost of attendance, student to professor ratios, whether the college/university is public or private, if they would like to attend a historical black university, or whether they would like to attend a school that is in a rural area or one that is urban and in a city, etc.


The 1067 Foundation College Tour Program will give students the opportunity to take campus tours to experience different campus styles, they will get to meet with admissions counselors and financial aid representatives, and visit schools with specialized majors that they might be interested in. The 1067 Foundation College Tour Program will not only allow students to visit colleges and universities, also give students a chance to visit new cities that they may not usually have an opportunity to.

The question of ‘what do I want to do in life?’ can be a daunting one for adolescents. Our vision for this College Tour Program, in conjunction with our other educational programs is to be able to help students confidently answer the question of what they see in their future. We are also committed to ensuring that our students have the necessary tools to achieve their goals and become successful.

our commitment..

The 1067 Foundation, Inc. is committed to providing numerous college tours each year. Our goal is to not only be able to take students on local college tours, but also out-of-state tours, which would be based on available funding. We will look to the Bethel High School Alumni Network, community donors and sponsors, as well as our individual university alumni networks to assist in our efforts. The 1067 Foundation is built on the foundation of networking so we believe that utilizing our established networks will ensure a positive experience for all students involved.

the focus of the College Tour Program..

  • Building a database of colleges and universities attended by Bethel High School Alumni
  • Increasing interest in attending a four-year college or university among high school students in the Hampton Roads Area
  • Providing exposure to students and allowing them to visit a vast array of colleges and universities
  • Helping students decide on a school that best fits their academic needs and long-term career goals
  • Helping students develop four-year plans for college that will help them reach their long-term career goals