The 1067 Foundation established the Adopt-a-Mentee Networking Program to assist high school students between the ages of 13-18 in the Hampton Roads Area in building healthy relationships with their peers, helping them establish a positive self-concept, helping them make positive life choices, and creating a supportive, sustained mentor-mentee network. We believe that it is imperative for adolescents to be involved in mentoring programs while they are in high school because it will ultimately lead to them choosing more viable career paths, and increasing the number of students that want to attend college and celebrating National College Signing Day, and simply keeping them out of trouble. The goal of The 1067 Foundation’s Adopt-a-Mentee Networking Program is to provide the youth of Hampton Roads with positive role models to ensure that they are staying on the right track and helping them reach their full potential.


Our vision for this program is for students to enroll in The 1067 Foundation’s Adopt-a-Mentee Networking Program in the summer before they begin 9th grade and work with their mentor until they graduate high school. The Adopt-a-Mentee Program will pair program participants with college-educated individuals who may work in the same or similar career fields that they may be interested in. The mentors will work with their mentees on setting academic and personal goals, personal and social development, participating in community service projects, taking them out on social outings, and during their Senior year in high school assist mentees with the college application and selection process. 

The 1067 Foundation will work diligently ensure that participants of the Adopt-a-Mentee Networking Program are paired with someone that they are able to establish a good working relationship with because they will be working with them for the entire time that they are in high school. Although the Adopt-a-Mentee Networking Program is designed for high school students, it is our hope that life-long relationships are established between mentees and their mentors and they remain in contact throughout students’ post high school journeys.

Adopt-a-Mentee Networking Program mentors will be required to commit to spending at least four hours a month with their mentee. It will be at the mentor’s discretion, and depending on the mentor and mentee’s schedule on how those four hours each month are spent. Mentors are also able to spend more time than the required minimum four hours with their mentees if both parties’ schedules permit. Mentors will also be required to check in with their mentee by telephone on a bi-weekly basis to ensure that they are staying on top of their assignments in school. In addition to monthly mentor-mentee outings, the entire Adopt-a-Mentee Networking Program will come together once each quarter/grading period for a social outing/community service project/educational activity

our commitment..

The 1067 Foundation, Inc. is committed to providing high school students from Hampton Roads, regardless of school or city, with a positive and beneficial mentorship experience. We will look to match students with a mentor that is the same or similar career field of interest, or someone that was previously employed in a field they may be interested in. Mentors that participate in the Adopt-a-Mentee Networking Program will be required to make a one-year commitment where they will meet with their mentee for at least four hours a month. All students involved in the Adopt-a-Mentee Networking Program will also come together four times a year for a social outing/community service project/educational activity in addition to the time they spend with their mentor each month. In addition to monthly outings with their mentors, and quarterly events involving the entire program, we plan to host one to two large events per year, where all students, mentees, mentors, parents, and supporters will be able to come together.

the focus of the Adopt-A-Mentee Program

  • Personal/Social development and Goal setting
  • Assistance with college application and selection process
  • Teaching program participants professionalism
  • Teaching program participants the importance of networking while young

desired results of Involvement in Adopt-a-Mentee Networking Program

  • Increasing desire for students in Hampton Roads to attend four year college or university
  • More students celebrating National College Signing Day
  • Establishing positive working relationships with trusted adults
  • Students have someone additional who can provide guidance on important life decisions
  • Mentees benefiting from exposure to new places/things/ideas/people
  • Life-long networking relationships established between mentors and mentees
  • Mentors have opportunity to give back to their community