When thinking about Hampton Roads, sports are always one of the first topics that come to mind. Sports and youth athletics have remained relevant for decades in Hampton Roads and representents a major part of who we are as a community. All too often, we see children signing up to participate in youth sports all over Hampton Roads, but don’t have the appropriate shoes to be able to participate. Athletic sneakers and cleats can be extremely costly, and often prohibit children from being able to play sports. The 1067 Foundation’s goal is to combat this problem and help to provide appropriate footwear for recreational teams and youth athletic leagues throughout Hampton Roads. The 1067 Foundation will reach out to donors, sponsor, and professional athletes alike to aid in our quest of providing athletic shoes and cleats to all youth in need. Whether it is football, cheerleading, or track-and-field, The 1067 Foundation desires to help all those in need, regardless of the sport. In turn, we believe that this program will potentially help kick start the playing careers of the next great wave of athletes from Hampton Roads.


our commitment..

The 1067 Foundation, Inc. is committed to providing proper and appropriate shoes for children of all ages looking to participate in any extracurricular activity involving athletics. This will be a year-round effort, due to various sports being played and practiced in different seasons throughout the year.

the focus of the Year Around Athletic Shoe Program..

  • Provide athletic sneakers and cleats to the youth in Hampton Roads
  • Promote youth activity in Hampton Roads, which is proven to lead to healthier lives
  • Promote teamwork and positive interactions with others
  • Promote athletic competition amongst our youth
  • Invest in our youth today